Logbook Locker

Logbook Locker Overview

Lost logbooks can cost you! Buyers discount a plane drastically if full maintenance history is not available. LogbookLocker.com was developed by airplane owners to provide a means of archiving those vital records.

When it's time to sell your plane, you can make the logs available to prospective buyers instantly, without risking your precious originals. Simply open the folder for the aircraft you want to share and click the "Send Link" button. The recipient cannot make changes or updates or deletions.

Also, when you upload a file you can flag it as Private so those with whom you share a link won't see it.

How It Works

Step 1: Add yourself as a User. Click on Users, then click "Add New User" and fill in the requested information.

Step 2: Add your airplane, helicopter, etc. Click on Aircraft, then click "Add New Aircraft" and fill in the requested information.

Step 3: Create folders for all the components for which you keep logbooks--Airframe, Engines, Propellers, Avionics, APU, etc. To do so, click on Aircraft and click the + symbol next to your aircraft. Then click the "Create New" link next to the "New component" line and fill in the requested information.

Step 4: Upload your scanned documents. Next to each component you added, click the "Upload" link. It brings up a form where you can choose the PDF file to upload, provide a title, set the date range the PDF covers and type in additional comments that lets you quickly see what's included in that document.

Step 5: Set reminders. You can have the program email you alerts for upcoming events like annual inspection, transponder check, ELT battery due, FMS/GPS database updates, etc.

Suggested documents to upload:

  • Airframe Logbooks
  • Engine Logbooks
  • Propeller Logbooks
  • Avionics Logbooks
  • APU Logbooks
  • A.D. Compliance Form
  • Yellow Tags, 8130, 337
  • Airworthiness Certificate
  • Registration
  • Weight and Balance
  • Radio Station License
  • Customs Decal
  • Border Overflight Exemption
  • Authorization Letters
  • Purchase Documents
  • FAA Registry Printout
  • Insurance Policies
  • Hangar Lease
  • Photographs
  • Spec Sheet
  • and many more...

Suggested Alerts to Add:

  • Annual Inspection
  • Transponder Check
  • Pitot Static Check
  • ELT Battery Due
  • FMS/GPS Update Due
  • Hangar Lease Renewal Due
  • Engine Overhaul Due
  • Customs Decal Renewal
  • Calendar Inspections
  • Insurance Policy Renewal
  • Crew 61.58/61.55 Checks
  • and many more...


Q. How much does it cost?

A. Subscriptions begin at $150 per aircraft per year for a light single. Email us to discuss your fleet.

Q. Do I need to have a credit card on file?

A. No. When your renewal comes due we email you an invoice with a link to pay via check, credit card or Paypal.

Q. Where does the data physically reside?

A. For server hosting we use LV.NET in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here to read about their data center.

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